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Soberlink® Acquisition Announcement

BI Incorporated is pleased to announce that the acquisition of SOBERLINK®, a California-based provider of industry-leading mobile breath testing technology, was completed on May 19, 2015. BI has been the master distributor of the Soberlink SL2 mobile breath testing device for the Criminal Justice Market since June 2013. For over two decades, BI has been [...]

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SOBERLINK SL2 Q&A with Founder and CEO, Brad Keays

Location: Orange County, CA The SOBERLINK® SL2 is a mobile, handheld breath alcohol monitoring device which measures BrAC through deep lung breath samples. SOBERLINK SL2 incorporates photo identity verification, professional grade fuel cell technology and GPS to ensure the client is accurately identified, located and tested. The device is extremely easy to use for any [...]

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The SOBERLINK Breathalyzer Stays at the Forefront of Innovation with its Second Patent Issuance

With their second patent granted, SOBERLINK positions itself to preserve the integrity of their inventions and intellectual property. CYPRESS, CA, May 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- SOBERLINK, Inc. is poised to remain at the top of the alcohol monitoring industry thanks to the award of a second patent in their line of pending applications -- US [...]

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SOBERLINK® Adds Adaptive Facial Recognition To Their Mobile Alcohol Monitoring System

SOBERLINK, Inc. signs with premiere facial recognition technology company, bolstering their unrivaled level of automation for alcohol monitoring programs. SOBERLINK, Inc., a leading innovator in mobile alcohol monitoring, has signed an agreement with a prominent facial recognition software provider to further enhance the automation of their alcohol monitoring system. This new feature will substantially reduce [...]

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BI Incorporated, SOBERLINK enter distribution agreement for SL2 alcohol monitoring system

BI Incorporated (BI) and SOBERLINK announced today that BI will be the exclusive master distributor of the SOBERLINK® SL2 for the criminal justice market. The SL2 is an innovative handheld device, both cellular and GPS enabled, that allows community corrections agencies to monitor offender sobriety in the community. BI is a national provider of electronic monitoring [...]

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